Construction and Engineering
Undertaking civil engineering in Hong Kong has a long history, and the history of operation started in 1997. We are able to undertake civil engineering as a general contractor or subcontractor. Since June 2017, the Group has also been registered with the Buildings Department as a registered general construction contractor. Therefore, the Group is qualified as a main contractor to perform private sector construction works and alteration and addition works.
Culture and Tourism Industry
Based in Hainan, the art education program uses “study tours” as its main teaching format. The program has an independent teaching and research group, a professional team of star instructors, and a comprehensive teaching system and study route. We offer a variety of courses, including: film and television acting, broadcasting and hosting, dance, vocal music, directing, etiquette and so on. Currently, dozens of first-class celebrity instructors have been contracted to provide students with a better learning experience, and use the “star effect” to further open up the visibility of Hainan’s cultural tourism industry and help it further upgrade. Planned investments in the production of films each year, with the participation of international first-class teams and the participation of outstanding students of the art education program, aiming to continue the core concepts and development of “art + tourism”, “film + tourism” and “culture + tourism”. The aim is to continue the core concept of “art + tourism”, “film + tourism”, “culture + tourism” and the development of mainstream cultural guidance, through the creation of art to help add color to Hainan’s culture and tourism industry, while creating more social value for this fertile land of Hainan.
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